Aims & Objectives

  • To diffuse scientific knowledge and information about technologies in different disciplines of applied sciences viz Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Biological science, Microbiology and Pharmacy.
  • To arrange and conduct meetings, fellowships, classes, seminars, workshops, conference, campaigns, examples of practical application, events and lectures to anyone who can use them for the benefit of humankind.
  • To offer prizes, award scholarships, issue certificate, as the trust sees fit to deserving students and to offer all possible facilities to the students who are interested to go abroad for higher education
  • To conduct educational training programs and workshops in the field of Bioinformatics and Biological Sciences; so as to provide live exposure to trainees and unemployed youths on non profit basis
  • To promote and utilize Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) for research in Bioinformatics and Biological Sciences especially to the farmers in rural areas.
  • To provide formal and operational links with center of knowledge creation such as; National R&D Laboratories, Universities, Medical Institutions, Research Organizations, and Eminent Individuals / Scientists in India and abroad; so as to create a strong network.
  • To create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights among Scientists and scholars.
  • Identify, promote and establish opportunities for networking.

Want To Join Us

Any person who has interest in the discipline of Bioinformatics and Biological sciences